Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

25 years.

Mom and Bill have been married 25 years.  Dang, that's a long time.

The story of Casa Bonita was the subject of a True Story Tuesday hosted by Rachel and Mr. Daddy a few years ago.  So it only seemed natural that when they came to visit, we had to meet them there.

We've met Rachel face-to-face before, at High Country Rendezvous, and we've been trying to get her back with Mr. Daddy and Itty Bit. Things just seemed to line up perfectly and plans fell into place and next thing we knew, they were here!

It was fabulous to see them, even though we pretty much ran them ragged. So much for a weekend of relaxation. They have to go home to relax (as I'm typing this, they're still an hour away from home after getting up before the sun to catch their flight). Itty Bit was a good sport about being dragged all over the northern part of Colorado.  We started their whirlwind tour at Casa Bonita, using them as an excuse to get Mom and Bill there for their 25th Anniversary.  Sneaky, no?

Before we even got in the door, Jay was making trouble with Itty Bit. Of course, once the cameras came out, Itty Bit got all sorts of shy.  Apparently, it's funnier to laugh at Jay "peeing" in the fountain than to pose yourself.

Bill put on his "no paparazzi" face once we got into the restaurant, and this is the best picture I could get:

"No photos, please"
After I showed Rach the bruise the dentist gave me, she offered to punch me so I'd have a better story.  Here's photographic evidence that Rach popped me a good one.  Pay no attention orneriness you see in her face (let's just say Itty Bit comes by it honestly).

I didn't take a lot of pictures, because I was having too much time gabbing with everyone and watching Itty Bit's reactions to the cliff divers and Black Bart's skits.

However, there are a couple of mandatory picture spots in Casa Bonita - the little inlet at the base of the waterfall and the fountain.

I think Rachel has more pictures on her camera, and I'm pretty certain Mom and Bill, do too.  Well, they've got pictures on the camera Bill didn't drown on their vacation.


Mrs Mom said...


Ahh Casa Bonita... the memories.. You take us back there when we make it your way again Diva, and I might have to pop you one myself! LOL

Nothin but love for ya woman ;)

Allenspark Lodge said...

We're not sure how the last 25 years stacked up so fast, but we're pretty sure the next 25 are going to be even better! We had a hurry-up great time with Rachel and crew, loved meeting Mr. Daddy & Itty Bit, but also had to keep up with one of our scrapbooking groups, so it was just sneaking in time here and there. Hope they had as much fun as we did with them here.

Rachel said...

SUCH FUN! We had a blast... and cannot wait to return and harass you again!

Sorry about the little table fight ;)

Happiest Anniversary Beel and Wanita - you two are such a made-for-eachother team.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

And Jay... I think there's laws against that, just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Aw! I love that first photo!! They're like to cutest couple ever!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Your Casa Bonita has cliff divers? Ours just has wandering guys screaming, "Ai ai ai ai!"

Candance said...

Awww, 25 years! So romantical!! Congrats, you two crazy kids!! I suspect the number 25 will be involved in mine and Nathan's marriage, but it will be followed by the words "to life" while one of us is being escorted out of a courtroom in shackles and the other one of us is dead.

We were supposed to come play in October. We didn't get to and now I'm jealous of Rachel and Mr. Daddy and calling them ugly names in my head. But we're coming. I know not when due to not knowing how things will play out with my FIL, but y'all are so getting stuck with us.

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