Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swetsville Zoo

Having the Once Upon family come for a visit was the perfect excuse to go somewhere I've been dying to go.  You see, once we moved, I had to drive by a place that my kids have been to, but I haven't.  And I have to do it almost daily.

With Itty Bit here, I had the brilliant idea of using him as the excuse to get to go.  It didn't hurt that I know how much he loves heavy equipment, so I figured that critters made from heavy equipment would be a hit.

I just hopped it wouldn't be a flop.  Especially after we'd spent an hour in the car.

See that running Itty Bit?
That was our view most of the time.
Turns out, it wasn't a flop. We were constantly playing catch up with Running Itty Bit.  And talk about precocious!  He could name what the critters were made out of.  I don't know how he did it.  I had to keep asking Jay what things were.

The only reason he slowed down was to read the sign.
I made Jay pose.
It's a good thing he's game for anything.
How cute are these babies?

More posing :)
Itty Bit loved that damn horn.
And isn't Rachel gorgeous?

Mr Daddy was pretty excited to find this "steelhead".
The Swetsville Zoo has been a landmark for decades and I'm ashamed I had never been there before.  I really had no excuse, but make no mistake, I will be returning.  Probably to take Nebalee's heathens, though there's a couple of really nice places by the river that might be nice to sit at and write.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Over 25 years ago, I told some coworkers that I went to the Swetsville Zoo with Juanita. One of them said, "You did WHAT?!? We DON'T want to hear about THAT sort of thing."

What a jerk. It sounded like something I would say.


Michelle Hoad said...

It's the same here. Tons of stuff to do in Austin but we never do it unless we have company.

Rachel said...

LOL. I bet your mom and Beel would have had a blast with us... it was so much fun! I could NOT KEEP UP with that kiddo... and I apologize for the deafening amount of noise he made at the one spot, ha!

I have to catch up... I have a great shot of you with the fire breathing dragons!!!

Thank you for taking us there - I'm glad you had fun too and I wasn't just wigging out all by myself :)