Saturday, October 13, 2012

We're Having People Over

The apartment is finally put together enough to have visitors, and what a better excuse than to host a home party?

I was lia sophia consultant years ago, but spent more than I made (hell, who can resist a 70% savings on jewelry?) so I cut my losses and moved on.  However, I still love the product and agreed to host a party. appeared that I was doing my cousin a favor by booking a party off of hers, but the reality is, it was the perfect excuse to have people over.

Jay's been slaving in the kitchen all day, because this is exactly the kind of thing he loves (and he might have been the one to suggest booking a party).  He's making mini-tacos, mini-pizzas, and brownies.  But not like I'd make.  Nope, he's making fancy stuff and it will turn out fabulous, just like it always does. 

I did contribute one of my favorite foods, Bacon-wrapped Jalapenos of Happiness.  If nothing else, we'll eat well.

Cross your fingers, though, 600 square-feet isn't a whole lot of space for having people over.  There's not much butt space, so I hope people don't mind getting cozy.
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Jalepeno peppers, lots of butts together in a confined space. Not sure you thought that one all the way through.

Mrs Mom said...

I'm there in spirit! And its a good thing too -- got a *thing* about butts. LOL

Rachel said...

Soo... how was the party? And the delicious food??!?