Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Bright Idea

Sometimes my brain scares me.


Like my Million Dollar Idea.  You know, the one that everyone in the family can use 'cept me.

So the other day when Jay and I were out shopping last week, we went into this amazing store that makes homemade soaps and girly stuff.  I ooh'd and aah'd over them and wondered at the creativity it takes to come up with cupcake shaped soap and shower bombs (which, btw, is my new favorite shower item).  I bought five bombs and then went back yesterday and bought five more for my co-workers to try.

Right next door to the girly stuff store is a curiosity store that has pretty much everything under the sun.  Including ice cube trays in the shape of 1911s.  I told Jay I *had* to have the ice cube tray as a stocking stuffer.  Period.  I had to have it.

But overnight I realized that I never make ice, but I really, really wanted the ice cube trays.

And my little brain started turning and I started thinking about the cool soaps.  I wondered if I could make soap with the ice cube tray.  Google became my bestest friend.

Guess what?!

There were instructions for making glycerin soap!  I made Jay drive all over yesterday picking up the stuff I needed for my new project.

I waited impatiently until I had time to start. When I get my mind set on a project, I want to do it right now!

The directions told me to fill the mold with water and dump the water into a measuring cup so I would know how much base to use.  So I did.  And then I got over it and started just eye-balling it.

I chose to use the opaque base so it would look better when suspended in the clear glycerin bar.  I threw it in the "double boiler".

However, I'm not so bright and it didn't occur to me that if I added my red color to my "opaque" (read white, white, white) base it would turn pink, not red.  And y'all know how I feel about pink.  So I quick threw some blue in it and turned it lavender.  Whew, crisis averted.  I also added Aloe and cucumber-melon scent.  Even though they are pinkish lavender, they smell good.

Jay is such a rock star when it comes to my wild hairs.  He jumped in and helped me pour into the molds.

That stuff sets up fast,
so the bottoms of the guns are really ugly.
Impatiently, impatiently, impatiently, I waited until they set up enough to pop them out of the molds.

How cute are these?
And they're NOT pink.  They're lavender.
I thought about leaving them like that, but then thought that they'd be easier to handle as a bar, so into the correct size plastic tub they went and I added clear glycerin base.

They're kind of cute.  Cute enough that my first five bars are headed to the Southern Girl Gang on Friday.  I wasn't crazy about my first batch and they were kind enough to take them off my hands.

I like the blue better, but you can't see as much of the detail in the picture as you can of the lavender.

I also can't decide if I like them just molded or placed into bars.  Decisions, decisions.

But it was a whole heap of fun :)

And since I'm finally finishing this post a half an hour before Thanksgiving day...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm super thankful for the blessed life I lead. 


Allenspark Lodge said...

"And then I got over it and started just eye-balling it."

Laughed and laughed. Love it, live it.


2A Mama said...

How freakin' cute are those?!?

Vaquerogirl said...

ARGH! I NEED those!!! Where on EARTH an you find them! I know I'll GOOGLE it!
They are lovely BTW- even the 'pink' (I know Lavender)- ones!

Aunt Crazy said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG...I totally need these gun soaps...PLEASE PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE...I can pay even! LOL

PINK is my favorite color EVER!!!