Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Moose

We had Thanksgiving dinner up at the Lodge and for the first time in several years, we had almost every body there.  We were only short one person.  Monster decided to spend Thanksgiving with his other grandmother (again).

It sort of sucked that he wasn't there, but on the other hand, he was throwing a world class temper tantrum and I was happy to not have to put up with his attitude.  Sad, but true. 

Since we had 95% of the family there, Mom wanted a picture will all million of us.  That was a chore and a half to herd everyone into one spot and keep them from running off.  Xanax might have been in order, but we managed.

Back row: Beel, Jay, Mr. Nebalee, Junior, Digger
Middle-ish row: Mom, Nebalee, Autobot, Mrs Junior
Second middle-ish row: Me, Kyzzer, T, The Boy
All the rest: Ashinator, Asset, Great-grandma Nita, Mrs Deejo, Deejo, The Girl
And Sophie (can't forget her)
We ate until we were sick (of course) and parted ways.  On the way down, just a handful of miles from the Lodge we saw a moose!  He was just meandering down the side of the cliff.  Jay flipped the car around so we could attempt to get pictures, but we had turned our phones off to save the batteries.

I couldn't get the damn things to power up fast enough to suit me, but finally, I was able to get out of the car and ease up an incline to snap a couple of pictures.  Being cell phone pictures, they suck, but I finally got to see a moose up-close and personal (but not too up-close).  I was maybe 150 feet from them, though it looks much farther in the pictures.  Stoopid cell phones.  We saw two moose.  They looked like a cow/calf pair.


Allenspark Lodge said...

It was a super-fantastic day with our whole crew (almost) there. That was pretty darn close, only missing one out of 20! Great pics and thanks to the whole family.

PS- You call that a moose?

Michelle Hoad said...

Our family pictures are already large. When everyone is married with kids, it will be totally ridiculous.