Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's a Good Damn Day

Even though I'm currently sitting at work.

So far...

  • My press credentials from NSSF came (OMG, I'm a real, honest-to-god media professional *squee*) for SHOT Show in January.
  • My first shipment of Thrive foods came.  I'm a lot in love with Thrive.  I've been wanting to order since July, but finally had a couple of bucks that I felt I could part with and placed a small order.
  • It's almost sixty degrees outside.
  • I'm going to the range with Tara!
  • Duck Dynasty and Nashville are on tonight.
Yep, it's a Good Damn Day.


Daddy Hawk said...

Still jealous about SHOT. Remember our deal, don't stop beating the Ruger folks until they cough up an SR45.

Mrs Mom said...

I'll be with you in spirit at SHOT Show. FULL REPORT REQUIRED! :)