Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year, 2012

I supposed it's time to look back at the goals I posted for 2012 and see how well I did.

1) revise/edit HUNTED LYON, send it for copy edit/layout by June
This didn't happen.  I had fully intended to have it happen, but the copy editor I was going to use was displaced by the High Park fire and by the time everything settled down, I decided the book needed more work anyway.  The good news is that I really like the revision work being done.

2) revise/edit/publish (probably self-pub) TALES FROM THE TRAIL
Again, didn't happen.  I've reworked how I want to lay it out, now I just have to work on continuity/flow of the stories.

3) increase my riding ability; learn more leg cues
My riding has gotten better, but I'm not as far along with my leg cues as I would like.  I kind of got fixated on doing bridle-less riding, which requires good leg cues, but found that Estes and I have some major holes in our training.

4) continue to increase my fitness/lose weight
This went really well until after the Bolder Boulder.  That 10k kicked my ass.  Once I was healed up from it, the High Park fire started and the air advisories warned us away from exercising.  And then the summer disappeared and next thing I know, it's the end of the year and I am back to being fat and out of shape.
Back in February, my job changed drastically, which was a giant slap in the face and it broke my give-a-damn.  Unfortunately, it broke my give-a-damn in all aspects of my life, not just work.
Pretty much, my goal for 2013 is to repair my give-a-damn.
Wish me luck.


Aunt Crazy said...

Good luck repairing your give a damn. If you find the give a damn cure, please share with me, my give a damn is busted.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I know how to fix your give a damn, but I won't tell you.

'Cause I don't give a damn.


Mrs Mom said...

Well girlfriend, you can tell the work aspect of the give-a-damn to foxtrot off 'cause after what all fecal material hit the oscillating blades, getting it back would take a miracle.

I think however, that it'll come back for the rest of everything else soon though :)

HAPPY NEW YEARS to all y'all, from our little corner of the planet!