Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Apologies to Rachel

I owe Rachel an apology for stealing her Christmas idea for Bill.

And then I came up with my crazy idea of making gun-shaped soaps, so, of course, I had to tell someone about it and I shot off a text to Rachel.

Who wanted to cuss me out (she's too nice to actually cuss me out) for stealing yet another idea.

Seems the same day I started on my quest to make gun soap, she had just ordered some for me for Christmas.
Obviously, the folks at KcSoapsNmore used the same mold I did, but they are so much better at making soaps than I am.
I can't figure out how on earth they were able to manage two-tone.  I'm stumped.

Rachel did manage to pull one over on me, though.  She had Jay do a design, ostensibly a design to be used for Mr. Daddy.

She told me a box would be arriving at the Lodge for us, but all I expected was the gun soap that I was supposed to forget she ordered.  Imagine my surprise when there was a dish towl with Jay's design on it.

You got me, Rachel.  Thanks for making us smile :)


Mrs Mom said...

Dude. Rachel, you could go into business selling those towels. For reals. I'd buy some!

Rachel said...

I wasn't gonna cuss you out. Not even in sign language.

But I was TOTALLY BAFFLED how you managed to steal an idea OUT OF MY FLIPPIN HEAD! I am still totally excited to see the vid of Beel opening up his gift. And I am still totally giggling over the fact that we exchanged GUN SOAP for Christmas, ha!

And I really truly did use Jay's design for Mr. Daddy! And actually, a matching t-shirt for my dad as well... so the dude is all, you know, like, famous and stuff now :)

I just couldn't figure out what to get you guys (that you wouldn't mind meld and get out of me anyway), so I thought a kitchen item would work. Now you can be armed in every room of your home! Me? I'd just throw the last meal I cooked at the bad guy, works every time.