Sunday, December 9, 2012

Depressed Food

The Ashinator isn't having the best of weekends.  In fact, the last two weeks have been kind of rough.  And it sucks moose tit (thanks for that one, Mrs Mom).

I'm the mom, so I'm supposed to be able to fix it, but I can't.

So, instead I took to the kitchen.  Isn't that what everyone does?  Ok, not everyone.  When I was Ash's age, I did the whole depressed not-eating.  But now I'm old and fat and everything should be fixed with food.

I went to my favorite cooking blog, Cooking Classy, and found something easy to make.  And it included chocolate, which we all know is perfect for depression.

This is what her yumminess looks like.  Mine, not so much.

I read the directions and it sounded easy enough, so I bundled Ash up and dragged her to the store with me.  I needed to buy:
  • square pretzels
  • Hershey's hugs
  • M&Ms
But I ran into a snag with the pretzels, so I bought regular pretzels and hoped they would work.

Linin' up the pretzels

Topped them with hugs

Warmed the pretzels/hugs up in the oven,
pulled them out and topped with M&Ms.
They didn't look anything like the ones over at Cooking Class.  Really, you should go check hers out, because they are beautiful.

Next up, I'm trying her recipe for Funfetti Popcorn.  That involves a double boiler on my end, so wish me luck.


Mrs Mom said...

Hope Asheebutt is back on track soon and kickin butt and takin' names ;)

Rachel said...

Food usually cures what ails me. And if it doesn't, get help right away, it's serious.

Glad life is a bit kinder to Asheebutt these days, I hope :)