Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chicken Cordon Bleu Biscuits

Yesterday, Jay and I made up a batch of shredded chicken, which we use as the base for a lot of dinners. One of our favorites recently has been the chicken pot pie.

Out of boredom today, I was flipping through that site I refuse to join, but frequenty get ideas from and found a recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll Ups.  Since we already had the shredded chicken made up, I tweaked the recipe just a bit.

What you'll need:
  • 1 tube of Grand Rounds (or Whump Biscuits, if you're Mrs Mom)
  • sliced deli ham
  • sliced cheese (supposed to be swiss, but we only had provolone)
  • shredded chicken
Split the biscuit in half and mash flat.
Add a slice of deli ham.

And half a slice of cheese.

Add shredded chicken.

Top with the other half of the biscuit and mush the sides together. 

Place the stuffed biscuits in a greased 9x13 pan.

Cover with the liquid from the shredded chicken
Cook in a 350* F oven for 30 minutes.
They were really yummy, I'll be making them again.

Note: These were yummy, but next time, I'm not going to pour the sauce over the top - it made the bottom kind of soggy.  I'd rather have a crispy biscuit and then maybe add some sort of sauce over the top.


Leiah said...

Yum. Katiebug is living with me for the next four months while she does taxes here. She had gastric bypass in July and can't eat any breads or grains. Last night I flattened some chicken breast, stuffed them with chopped spinach that I mixed with Greek yogurt, rolled them up, wrapped in bacon and then baked them in the oven. So good but when I say I'd rather have some chicken wrapped in biscuit dough, I really mean I would cut someone for one of these fancy biscuits. Like, right now please.

Mrs Mom said...

Oooohhh duuuuude... I am so going to try this. We haz shredded chicken. We haz biscuits. We haz cheese AND ham. Yeah baby.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I was thinking of something on this order for a group coming up soon. So.... how do you suppose I could get those big 'whump' biscuits up the mountain without them exploding on me first? They look really good!

GunDiva said...

The only think I would do differently is NOT put the sauce on, let the biscuits crisp up and then maybe serve with a gravy. With the sauce, the bottom portion of the biscuit is kind of soggy.

Mom - I so think you should try to drive whump biscuits up to the lodge. Take pictures for Rachel, too.

Rachel said...

I am dying at that last comment... "take pictures for Rachel, too".

Because Lord knows I live to eat at your place :)

And me butchering a recipe in my own kitchen (you remember, I cook by neighbor notification of my smoke alarm going off ;), is only a distant second to enjoying it with you guys!

This looks delicious! I am with ya - I like those whump biscuits without a whole lotta sog. I would totally pour it over the top after it was baked.

Dangit GunDiva - now I'm gonna go eat my self control.