Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green Squiggly Line

We all know that in Word, the red squiggly line means you spelled something wrong.

The green squiggly line means there's a grammatical error.

A cool bonus about the green squiggly line is that if there is an incorrect word used, it typically leads to a grammatical error, which means the green squiggly line will appear.  Cool, huh?

Authors should take note.

Their editors should take note.

I told you that so I can tell you this...

Authors - don't use your friends/family as editors.  Stop being cheap and hire a proper editor.  One who can spell AND who knows the rules of grammar AND who knows what homophones are.

I started reading a book yesterday that I'm enjoying. However, the author doesn't know the difference between site (location) and sight (to see).  Nor does she know the difference between roll (the action) and role (a part played by a performer).  Apparently, neither does her editor.

To recap:
  • site = place/location
  • sight = to see
  • roll = an action (or a very yummy hunk of bread)
  • role = a part played by a performer or a character
When I was bitching whining about this to my parents, my mom came up with the homophones that make her homicidal:
  • rein = steering device for equines
  • rain = the wet stuff that falls from the sky
  • mane = the long neck hair on equines
  • main = chief or primary
At least I come by my word snobbery honestly.

Which words are used incorrectly that make you twitchy?


Leiah said...

Girl, I love you too much to start listing the ones that get me. Preach on sista!

Allenspark Lodge said...

YES! Thank you!

Allenspark Lodge said...

So, You are saying..

The rein in Spain falls plainly on the mane?


Momma Fargo said...

The rein in Mane falls mostly on the plane.

You were saying?

PS. Loved your post. I feel the same way. LOL

Momma Fargo said...

Of course, loved Bill's humor as well. tee hee

Rachel said...

Gah... I'm all twitchy now. Not going to list more - I'm at maximum pet peeve capacity today :)