Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Hazards of Being a Good Girl

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I was a good girl all through high school. I mean GOOD. Church (or church activity) three times a week, always home by curfew, GOOOOOOOOOOD girl.

My kids? Not so much.

I'd come home from work some nights and there would be this awful stink in the house and I'd get pissed off and ask the kids what they burned. And they'd look at me, so innocently, and say, "Mom, we just boiled stuff over on the stove".

And then I'd go on a tangent about if they weren't so fucking sloppy, the stove wouldn't always smoke and burn, and how 'bout if they would just clean it once in a while, why was it always my job? Etc, etc.

From Google images

Enter Jay. We start dating, get engaged, come home one night. He walks in the house, takes a sniff and says, "Who's been smoking pot in the house?"


THAT'S what that is?


Yup. My kids smoking pot in my house for years apparently and getting away with it because their mom's an idiot.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Just boiling down an oregano infusion sauce for the spaghetti, Ma. But don't eat the mushrooms, they may have gone bad.

Or something like that.


GB Girl said...


Rachel said...

Oy vey... they have your number!

Someday I will ask Rachel's Mom to tell you a story about her mother. She will injure me if I tell it here... in public... you know :)

(No worries, it's about the boys - you already know Rachel's Mom is even more perfect than Mary Poppins).

Did your kids start that Colorado push for legalizing Mary Jane?