Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fleeting Glimpses

Finally, same place, same time.

When Jay and I started dating, we realized that we had been in the same place at the same time quite frequently throughout our adult lives.

Northern Colorado isn't that big, I get it.  But still...we're talking pretty much all of our adult lives, we've been just missing each other.

For instance, Reba hasn't played in this area often.  In the early 90's, she played Big Mac in Denver (which doesn't even exist any more).  We were both there.

Stinktown Stampede concerts, both there.

CFD concerts, both there.

Recently - as in two days ago - we were talking and realized that he and his friend participated in a Poker Run that I worked for a couple of years.  Since I was working one of the stops, I clearly had to have interacted with him and his friend.

Okay, okay, those aren't such crazy coincidences. We lived in the same area, of course it was going to happen. That's not so outstanding.

However, there is Italy.

Yes, Italy.

We were both there the same year, the same two weeks.  And get this...essentially the same route, just backward.  My friends and I started in Rome and ended in Venice.  Jay and his family started in Venice and ended in Rome.

Got goosebumps yet?

I wonder how it is we've shared essentially the same space in time for most of our adult lives, but didn't meet?  Took a temper tantrum five years ago for us to finally meet.


Michelle Hoad said...

You were obviously meant to be together!

Rachel said...

I agree with Michelle! Seems like more than fate - I think God put you two together at exactly the right time!