Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bridal Shower

I've never really been one for "Showers" - just the word, in conjunction with Baby or Bridal, conjures images of sitting around, looking at people I don't know, and playing stupid Shower Games - so when the girls at work asked if I wanted a Bridal Shower, I hesitated before I said yes. But I did say yes. The great thing about the people I work with is that they are very similar to me; they offered to throw me the shower, but then asked if there was anything we could do at the shower to help get ready for the Reception, rather than playing stupid games! Yay!

So the dreaded Shower turned out to be a lot of fun; I got to see my girl, Staci, and her babies (I'm getting ready for mine to leave, and she's just starting), my aunts, grandma and cousin, my future MIL and SILs (not that I don't see them twice a week anyway), Cindy (who I hardly ever see anymore with Kai gone), friends from work and my mom and sister.

It seems that it's much easier to get caught up and re-bond when everyone's working on a project together rather than sitting around staring at each other playing stupid games. We made the cream cheese mints for the reception and got the bud vases ready. All we'll have to do is add water and flowers to the bud vases.

The cake was beautiful and inadvertently answered our question about how we were going to put Gerbera Daisies on our wedding cake (wrap the stems in florist tape to keep the stuff from oozing out - we were looking at the hot glue gun sealing option), and the gifts were amazing. I've got to hand it to my sister, Not A GunDiva, her gift included the sacred words "Victoria's Secret". Can't go wrong with wedding night lingerie (and honeymoon lingerie).

A big THANK YOU to Annie and Cindy for organizing a fun Bridal Shower - it's wonderful to have friends like you!

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