Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter to Remember

Well, my family has always been kind of strange and today's Easter dinner was, yet again, proof of the fact. Until this year, we've always had a "normal" Easter dinner. But not this year. Oh, no. Not this year.

When Mom asked Grandma what she wanted to do for Easter dinner, Grandma replied that she wanted McDonald's. Yup, you heard me. McDonald's. For Easter.

I didn't really believe it until we actually arrived at McDonald's. But that's what we had. Mom, Bill, Junior, Not A GunDiva, NAGD's husband, Niece #1, Nephew, Niece #2, RockCrawlinChef, Ashee-butt, Digger, and myself joined Grandma at McDonald's to enjoy a delicious (?) meal prepared by the staff members who had drawn the short straw and had to work on Easter Sunday. Wonder how much spit was in our burgers? (For the record, RCC says he didn't taste any spit on his burger.)

Wasn't really what I had in mind for Easter, but it wasn't too horrible. But do you think Grandma's trying to kill us all off by contributing to our hardening arteries? Now she says she wants to go to McDonald's again for her birthday in two weeks. In case you're wondering, she's not senile and she gets out of the house a couple of times a week, so it's not like Micky D's is a rare treat for her like it would be for Grandma Mary.

I think she's secretly (or not so secretly) wondering how far she can take this McDonald's thing before we all revolt.

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Allenspark Lodge said...

I had 2 dollar burgers. Yumm.