Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If I was a grill, I'd have this grill's babies!

I fell in love with this grill 6 weeks ago at Sam's Club and knew we had to have it for the reception. It's very basic, just eight burners, two propane tanks (sold separately), 10,000 BTUs, 1001 square inches of grill space. Nothing fancy at all. Except that it can cook 64 1/4 lb hamburgers or 126 hot dogs at a time! And it collapses down to be semi-portable. It doesn't take long at all to collapse down and get ready to move, but it does require two strong people. The dang thing weighs well over 100# (without the propane tanks) and putting it into the truck or taking it out can be a bit of a chore, but one that's well worth it. Once it's collapsed down and in its cover, it looks a lot like a casket in the back of the truck *grin* - actually, it feels like we're loading and unloading a casket, too, when we move it. But I love it. And we've used it twice already. It's big trial is the Fort Collins 9Health Fair this weekend when we have to feed 200 people off of it; burgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers. I'm sure it's up to it...and once it's broken in from the Health Fair, we'll be firing it up for the wedding reception just three weeks later. Jeez, I already feel like we've gotten our money's worth.

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