Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hectic, hectic life

Wow. It's been a long time since I had thirty seconds to sit and blog and so much has happened in the last almost-month. Let's see if I can't condense it down:

  • Went shopping with RockCrawlinChef to look for a cake topper. Couldn't find one anywhere, and we went into stores I didn't even know existed! Finally gave up and decided we'd look on-line. Jackpot! At our second or third site, a topper jumped out at us as THE topper. It's absolutely perfect. We couldn't have designed one better. Unless, of course, we could have figured out how to fit Estes and Allie-bird, too. Took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to arrive, but it finally got here and it's even better in person!
  • Spent an entire day with RCC addressing invitations and making our own guest book for the reception. We had a great time playing with our custom stamps - did you know you could make your own stamps? Sure, you pay through the nose for them, but they're so worth it. Of course we over-estimated how many we'd need, and now we've got sixty left-over postcard stamps. Guess who will be sending out lots of postcards this year?
  • Finally caved and registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We had no intention of registering anywhere, but plenty of whining from my friends and some pearls of wisdom from family convinced us to "just do it." So...we set off for the store, thinking it would only take a short time to do all the registry stuff. Wrong. Over two hours later we staggered out of the store, completely shopped out. Well, at least I was. RCC, however, can shop for a very, very long time without whining (unlike me). I had no idea that you had to have 12 formal and informal dinner settings; to me formal means clean "real" plates, and informal means paper plates. I was thinking that once the kids moved out, we'd be happy to have four place settings. But 12 is proper. Who knew? We did register for some really cool stuff that we so DON'T expect to get. Except maybe the Margaritaville frozen drink maker - that would be really cool. Oh, and the Kitchen Aid whatchamacallit. That would be really cool, too. In all honestly, I'd pull the list from the registry and take it on over to Wal-Mart and save myself some money :)
  • No one's going to believe it since I've been so stead-fast in getting married in jeans and boots, but I broke down and bought a dress. Not a wedding dress, but a nice, white sundress to wear at the wedding (Ross, $19.95 - what can I say, the price was right). I couldn't have bought new jeans (which would be more functional) and a nice shirt (again, more functional) for that price. Don't know what I was thinking and I may still revert back to the jeans and boots after I come to my senses. Actually, I do know what I was thinking. I was thinking that in 20 years when I look back at my wedding pictures, I don't want them to look like "just" a picture of the two of us; I do actually want wedding pictures.
  • I also bought a sundress for the reception. Please don't faint dead away at the thought of me in a dress twice in one week. Though the reception is totally an informal BBQ, I thought it would be nice to not look like my typical sloppy self. And I can take the sundress to Hawai'i in case RCC and I end up wanting to go someplace that requires something other than shorts and flip-flops.
  • Best news for last...well, best for me anyway. We moved Estes up the hill yesterday. Even though she's physically a farther distance from me, psychologically she's much closer since she's with Mom and Bill's horses and I don't need permission to go out and see her. I can just hop in the car and zip up to the lodge to spend some time with my baby girl. Of course, time is something I'm sorely lacking for the next few months, but I'll do my best to get up there at least once a week to see her. The Estes move will get it's own blog, I'm sure. 'Cause, as Deejo says, we horse people are crazy and can only talk about our horses.


Deejo said...

You ought to listen to that Deejo guy more often. Seems to have good advice about lots o things ;)

I totally DIG your cake topper! By far the coolest one I've ever seen.

GunDiva said...

That is the coolest cake topper in the world. Had to have it.

But...Deejo just has no clue about the horses thing. Don't know how the horse gene skipped you!