Thursday, April 16, 2009

Four Weeks from Today

It's kind of sobering how quickly time moves when you're not paying attention. For weeks from today, I'll be Mrs. RockCrawlinChef. I've been measuring time, as I do every year, in 9Health Fair time. From February until the end of April my life revolves around the Health Fair, so I've been thinking about the wedding in Health Fair time as in, "two weeks 'til the MCR fair, then the FC fair, then a weekend off, then the wedding stuff". Suddenly, though, the MCR fair is in two days, which means the FC fair is in eight days, then a weekend off, then Monster comes home, RCC's birthday/Mother's day, two days of work, a girls' day, wedding, a day to prep, and reception.

Where the hell did the time go? I thought we had plenty of time.

Luckily, the wedding itself is very small, just RCC's family and mine and very informal. The reception is just a glorified BBQ, but still, there's a lot to be done! The kids haven't even started on the slide show, we haven't mapped out the backyard to figure out where everything goes, I haven't even picked up RCC's ring yet! (But I did get the phone call that it is in, I just need to go get it - that will probably be best left until the last week so I don't lose it somewhere in the commotion).

Thank God for good friends and family who are helping out. Ann is helping round up tents and planning the bridal shower. Oonah is creating the wedding ceremony itself. RCC's friend Matt is planning the bachelor party. Amanda's mom, Donna, whom I've only met once, gave me a great tip on where to get flowers. Scott, Cindy, and Ann are gearing up to help get everything set up for the reception...the list goes on and on. RCC's friend from culinary school, Scott, is flying out to do our cooking and Mom is making the wedding cake. No wonder it's been so easy to let time slip by and not worry about anything.

Wow. Before we know it, the whole thing will be over.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Boy, it does seem to be charging right up on us, but then excessive age does that to one ;) Bill

GunDiva said...

Excessive age...speak for yourself smart ass!