Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another MEGA Mommy Fail!

This is her daughter, I'll go ahead and help myself to the first line. Mom: fail.
The floor is all yours,

Thanks Ashee-butt.  Now that she's posted that I've failed, let me explain.  She read my blog for the first time since I started in 2008 and didn't find enough posts about her.  A couple about her brothers, but only one that was directly related to her and it was only a paragraph.

I'm to tell you how awesome my intelligent, beautiful, amazing daughter is. Don't make it sound forced woman!  And I'm not even lying. Swear.

I'd say that she's my only hope for a bright future, but that's too much pressure. Why not? Everyone else has already put that voodoo on me.  Though, it's probably true.  Her brothers are trying every parenting skill I've got, while she just coasts along, not making any waves.  Except for being late constantly, and never having a ride home. 

I should have known how awesome she would be when I didn't even have to potty-train her.  No, she's not still in diapers at 17, but she did potty-train herself.  I was concentrating so hard on getting Digger potty-trained that I completely ignored Ashee-butt and diapers (they're 15 months apart).  She asked for Pull-Ups and since I was getting some for Digger, I went ahead and got her some.  One day, I realized that I'd been so focused on Digger and the potty that I'd neglected to change her.  So, around bedtime, I went to change her and realized that her Pull-Up was dry.  She'd completely potty-trained herself and never had an accident from that day forward.

She's maintained her grades, gotten a job and has been paying her own way this school year.  Money is wonderful, especially when I have no bills. Nanner-nanner-nanner.

Not only is she wonderful, but she's psychic, too.  She told me, way back on March 22, 2008, that RockCrawlinChef and I were going to get married.  She told me that as soon as I returned home from our very first date.  I told her she was crazy.  I had to eat my words twelve weeks later when he proposed. Told ya so.

And she's beautiful...

And even if she drives me nuts by never having a ride home from places even after we'd discussed it, I love her tons and tons.  She's been my side-kick through thick and thin.  She and my mom were my "people" when we went to Horse Master and she's been in two of my stories in Tales from the Trail: Lightning in the Yard and Hoss Rustlin'.

I've just been reminded that I haven't mentioned her boyfriend, CJ.  He rocks.  And he's in the picture with her.  I'm hoping that despite the matching shirts, you'll be able tell who is who. He's my bestieee!


Dual Mom said...
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Dual Mom said...

She's a cutie GunDiva.

As for not writing about her enough, does she not know all mothers love their daughters most?!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Yes, you have a jewel in that one, but I can be partial since I'm the awesome grandma, but I really get a kick out of the boys, too. They are going to be great as soon as the testosterone settles. How many of the great males you know now, didn't have such great high school years? You two women just hang in there and keep them in line!

Finding Pam said...

I enjoyed your slide show. Looks like you have a wonderful family and friends.

Your daughter is cute. Tell her she will always be your favorite daughter. I have two sons, so I know nothing about daughters. LOL!

Quixotic said...

Naw... how sweet :o)
She's beautiful, and it sounds like she rocks!!

T!nK said...

awwww. that is freaking adorable. Your daughter seems pretty amazing! And her B.F. is a cutie... but dont tell him I said so. :-P

GunDiva said...

Yeah, Ash's pretty much a rock star. And she'll tell you, too.

A. Dakota said...

Sounds like she is off to being a great woman.

Late all the time = she completes her tasks.

Never having a ride home = means she is always thinking of others before herself.

We always get in trouble for these two umm qualities?... But its how a whole lot of us end up operating. ;-)

Candance said...

Your daughter is very pretty and she sounds like lots of fun!