Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Today actually wasn't as painful as I had anticipated.  I haven't set foot in the gym since the beginning of the mod and I've been stress eating like nobody's business.  So, rather than being dejected when I stepped on the scale today and saw that it hadn't budged one way or the other, I was extremely relieved.

The kitten has absconded with my camera, so there are no new pictures of the scale, but if you're dying to see my chipped toenail polish (well, actually, the few chips of polish left on my toes) and the depressing numbers, feel free to look at last week's post.
  • GunDiva  184.5#
  • RockCrawlinChef  199# (he's down from his original weight, but up from two weeks ago - I'm chortling in joy).


Mad Woman said...

I think your scale is broken. But only for you. It's clearly working enough to tell us, with excitement, that your hubby has gained. But I think it's pulling a fast one on you.

Having said that...YAY for not gaining!

GunDiva said...

My very second thought this morning was "this @*&$ thing has got to be broken!". The first thought was, "thank god I didn't gain."

Mrs Mom said...

You go girl- not going UP is a help! ;)

Kittens... holy crap!! They are INSANE! LOL Hmmm... wonder just what kind of pix will be on there for you when the tiny fluffy critter decides to return it? hehehe

Menopausal New Mom said...

Well Good For You for not gaining. I'm half scared to step on the scales to do my follow up post on Monday. Too much restaurant food and did someone mention wine Lol! Been back on the wagon as of Monday so three days in and I'm feeling better.

Sara said...

Wait, your cat steals your camera, too?

Once (okay, last week), I weighed myself. I didn't like the number, so I peed. I got like two drops out. I weighed myself again and lost a whole pound.

Scales are bullshit.