Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventures of Ashinator: Back From Vacation

Guess who's back, back again, Ash is back, tell some friends.
Guess who's back! Guess who's back! Guess who's back!

Yup, I'm back, and loving the weather.
It was 105+ degrees everyday I was in AZ. It was horrible, but great to see my family again. I love them and miss them so much. My sister is here in CO for a week so I'll get to spend time with her some more!
I had so many adventures and I have no idea what to write about!
I had the pleasure and honor of attending my first Yankees game EVER while in AZ.
Oh my goodness, I was overwhelmed. I was so close to Jeter! And A Rod! And Rivera!
Okay, well, Rivera didn't get to pitch but he was there! Pettitte pitched 7 innings and he's a great pitcher too.
It was the greatest experience ever! Especially to get to gloat to all the damn D-Backs fans that weren't even actual fans they just wanted to pretend. Kinda like when the Rockies made it to the world series against the Red Sox (BOOO!) a few years back and all of the sudden EVERYONE was a fan. Bullshit. They just wanted to see the Yankees. And man did the Yanks OWN THEIR SHIT. Final score 9-3.

Oh man, I could go on for ages about that game.

Over the next few weeks I will expose all of my AMAZING adventures in AZ!
But for now, I'm going to go color in my new Toy Story coloring book!

-Richie Valens


Vinomom said...

Sounds like you had a great time in AZ ! Baseball games are a lot of fun. I hope I make it to one this season.

Mr. Daddy said...

It is great that you had a good time in AZ.

and it is also good that your mother is raising you to be independent.

but she might have allowed a little to much freedom for such an affinity to grow for the Yankee's LOL

Just saying.....ROFL