Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

It's back!  I'm not thrilled that I didn't lose anything in the first go-round of Lose It Bitches.

Today's weigh-in:

Deep breath...My initial weigh-in for round two was 187# (BMI 35.9).  I then jumped a pound to 188# and held that for a couple of weeks.  Today's weigh in at 186.5# (BMI 5.8) made me happy.  I wasn't sure I'd see the scale move at all.

Haven't checked in with Not A GunDiva to see what her weigh in was.  But she did run the Boulder Bolder 10K race on Memorial Day, so she's definitely got a leg up on me in the exercise department.

1 comment:

Mrs Mom said...

I Fear The Scale.

Hence I don't own one. (I know. I'm a total chicken.)

You go girl!! ;)