Friday, June 4, 2010

This one's for the hard working parents(:

Better late then never right? Right!
Well, I got grounded this week, for leaving with out permission. The thing is, I asked for permission except not until I had already left. I thought she was going to say yes, seeing as I had done all my chores, but I was wrong.
So I was grounded until I finished cleaning my room, which was a disaster.
The first night of groundation I literally stayed up until 6:30 in the morning watching the first season of Glee on dvd.
I love that show, it's like my crack. And Fin is SO HOT.
Hmmm, let me think up something that pissed me off this week....

CJ's mom. Threatened to cancel the check for his airfare to AZ to visit my dad with me. Why? Because my step-mom couldn't drop everything at noon to answer her 8 million calls questioning every single thing we're going to do when we're down there. I'm sorry, CNB, my parents work 60 hours a week, they don't have the luxury of controlling every second of every day. GRR. Then she started in on how they should show her some respect, and I told her that she should be civil to the people who are going to be taking care of her son for two weeks. Not everyone stays at home ALL THE TIME taking care of their kids, some people actually have to work for a living. (Not hating on single moms, I was raised by the most perfect single mom ever). That just bugs me that she got so uppity about it. Like, sorry lady, my step-mom works twelve hours a day and my dad doesn't get off until midnight, and the last thing they wanna do after a long day at work is talk to your crazy ass! Ya know?

Well th-th-tha-that's all folks!


GunDiva said... teared me up with the perfect single mom thing. Okay, you're ungrounded. Wait - you were ungrounded before. have my undying gratitude, then.

Love you.

Mr. Daddy said...

Groundation???? I LOVE IT, LOL

and boy howdy can this girl work it....ROFL

great post Ashinator....

Diva you better keep an eye on this one....LMAO

Vinomom said...

I love Glee! CJ's mom sounds like a real piece of work - crazy work. That's great that he gets to go with you, though!