Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adventures of Ashinator

"You birthed me you can eat my saliva!"
Directed at mom who wouldn't eat my noodles.
Because, ya know how if you get a long enough noodle you can swallow it and then pull it back up.
Yeah, I did that and then mixed the noodle in with the rest of the both.
It was gross. But hilarious.

Well, today is my Great-Grandma Mary's 90th birthday party.
I love my grandma so much, and I'm glad they're having this party to honor her. She's my hero and my inspiration. (She's the one whose initials are tattooed on my arm forever.)
ALSO! CJ and I are leaving for AZ for two weeks tonight! YAYY!
I'm excited for the plane ride...oooh I love them. Especially when you hit turbulence and watch everybody freak out hahahh.

Oh, also, Digger decided I'm a disgrace to my gender.
Here's how it went down:
Dig: Hey RCC, Tuesday apparently is National Man Day
Ash (looking to mom): Looks like you'll be makin' lots of sandwiches!!

RCC even laughed.
You know it's a good joke when RCC laughes.

Oh we went to the zoo on Wednesday, and met the two cutest kids known to man.
Even mom said they were the cutest, and it's hard to get her to admit that any kids are cuter than hers.

I gotta go now.
Be back in two weeks.

-Johnny Cash


Candance said...

The pasta thing? Made me throw up just a little in my mouth and have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach for the day my sweet little precious Max figures it out and does this very thing. Oh lord!

Have fun in AZ! More power to ya on the plane thing-I'd be one of those people you'd be laughing at!

Mr. Daddy said...

Gun Diva, I think that you have your work cut out for you with this one....ROFL...

GunDiva said...

CTM - yeah, it's no wonder I wouldn't eat her noodles.

Mr. Daddy - you think you're going to have an easier time with Itty Bit? You go ahead and enjoy that delusion for a few more years :)