Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Mouth Did It!

Today's post is brought to you courtesy of Nebalee.  Beside the fact that we look very similar (some people confuse us as twins), we also have inherited a lack of brain/mouth filter.  Sometimes we think out loud, and usually at the most inopportune times.  Since the parents of Nebalee's students will probably never associate her with me, I offered her a "safe" place to share her crazyass parent/kid stories.  Enjoy...

It was a VERY long week. I sometimes have those. Mainly because I tend to spew forth words that are best left in my head and not out in the open. This can be funny---in a bar, not necessarily with the parents of my second graders. Anyway, it was one of those weeks where I spent a lot of time putting out fires that I started so I should have known that when the bell rang Friday afternoon to forcibly shove the students out the door and CLOSE the door; not stand there and have conversations with the parents.

I overheard one parent say, “We’ll just go talk to Nebalee about that!” I thought, “Oh, God…Here we go!”

“What’s up,” I say.

“IS SHE ALWAYS THIS MEAN? She leaves your classroom mean everyday!”

“Huh? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. She is a pleasant, fun, engaging student in our room. What do you mean she’s always mean when she walks out of the classroom?” I question, as I am looking around at the children leaving my room, wondering who she was being mean to.

“She’s not mean to them! She’s mean to ME!”

“Oh… well, sometimes that happens,” I say. “It’s the age but I can assure you, she is behaving in class just fine. She is kind to her friends.”

“Well, that’s great but I want her to be kind to me!” the poor mom whined. “I want her to be my friend!”


Now, I don’t necessarily feel my message was bad BUT I’m pretty sure in a public school I’m not supposed to mention, or refer to, God AND I’m pretty sure my delivery wasn’t subtle enough. I’ll be looking forward to my visit with the school board over this one. Maybe a nice Christian school will employ me?

Nebalee chose to leave off the ending.  However, she was dumb enough open enough to share it with me and it's just too good to pass up.

The mother and her mean child walked away, stunned I'm sure.  When they got a few feet away, FriendMom turned back to look at Nebalee, who couldn't let it go. 

Oh, no. 

Not if you're a member of our family.

Nebalee leaned forward, tapped her temple and said, "You think long and hard about what I said this weekend."


Rachel said...

I am dying.

And cyber-high-fiving your sister.

That is exactly what that mother needed to hear.

And, umm... yeah - she needs to get that kid straightened up if she's got some meanness too.

Mr. Daddy said...

Nebalee is my new Hero!!!!!

just saying...

Allenspark Lodge said...

When I got a phone call from Nebalee she asked for her mom. I heard her shout at her mom "THANKS FOR GETTING ME FIRED!". I couldn't hear the rest of her conversation because Juanita was laughing to hard as she was listening to the story.

Ah well, My mom was a teacher and washed one of her students mouths out with soap once and didn't get fired... it was a near thing though.


Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm STILL laughing! and very proud of my daughter. Yes, my fault. They heard that a lot as kids, as to my purpose of being on this earth.
Mean Mom, and proud of it.

Allenspark Lodge said...

That was a fun post. Maybe it should be a regular feature. "Sister's Saturday" or "Sibling's Sunday" or "Mom's Monday" or "Step Dad's Not On Your Life"...


passionofthemom said...

ROTFLMAO Your sis is my HERO, and I mean it!! That's the way I talk to people in this world, and I always admire those who tell it like it is. =) Thanks for posting this story, which truly just made my whole week!!! xD You and your sis are awesome!

Mrs Mom said...

GO NEBALEEEEEEE!! I just KNEW I liked you! ROCK ON woman!

World needs MORE teachers like you. If there WERE, I'd be happy to put my kids in school, instead of being INSANE and homeschooling them.


Michelle Hoad said...

I think I might be in love with Nabalee. If she needs a job, I can hook her up with my daughter's second grade glass. I'd love a teacher that didn't cry every time I look at her.

Rachel said...

Loving the back and forth with Bill & Juanita :)

And at least your sis didn't duct-tape any kids to the wall like a certain Momma P! (Oh no she didn't? Not in her Sunday School class? No way!!! :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Okay Rach, sounds like you need to get the first "Mom's Monday" guest posting. I want to hear the "tail of the tape".

Rachel said...

LOL. I'll see if I can convince my mom to guest write it! :) We embarrass her about it all the time!