Friday, December 17, 2010

Say "Cheese"!

I got a wild hair a couple of months ago after watching Chefs vs. City and decided I wanted to make mozzarella as Christmas gifts.  Lucky for me, I married a chef who has made mozzarella more times than he can count when he was working at a hotel.

He won't let me make the curds, though.  Something about curds and whey don't appeal to him.

I had to order the curds instead. *pout*  But since RCC knows me so well, he's probably correct in thinking that I'll gross right out making my own cheese curds.

So, this afternoon, we'll be picking up 10# of mozzarella curds and hauling it up to the lodge for a cheese making day tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


Mrs Mom said...

Dude how cheesy is that already?

*ducking* (HA~ Beat you to that cheese joke Mr Daddy...!)

GOOD LUCK~! I cant wait to hear how it turns out. Making cheese is brave- not sure I'd want to tackle that one.

Allenspark Lodge said...

You all notice who's kitchen this is happening in....and tomorrow is tamale baking day!

Better get my fudge done today!

Mr. Daddy said...

Yes Mrs. Mom That was pretty cheesy!!!LOL

I'm just going to warn them to not cut the cheese....

just saying....

Rachel said...

GAH - and NO invitation!?!?

Though I cannot figure out why you're okay with curds, and hair makes you retch? ;)

So... is there a way to pre-order some tamales and have 'em freeze packed? Cuz I'd love to buy some for Christmas :)

Terry Odell said...

I'm sure we'll get the full report!
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