Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Resolution Check-in

Before making my 2011 Resolutions, I thought it would be a bright idea to check in on my 2010 Resolutions to see how I did with them. 

Resolution #1: Be healthier.  I did well on this one for a little while, but overall failed miserably.  Guess what's going on the 2011 list?

Resoluction #2:  Continue writing.  Call this one a draw.  RCC and I did NOT manage to do weekly write-ins, but I did manage to get TALES FROM THE TRAIL queried.  I didn't even get a form rejection for that one, but in 2011, I'll research more publishers who I feel might fit my niche and query even more.  In addition to querying TALES, I'm going to finish HUNTED LYON and begin the edit process on that.

Resolution #3:  More time with my little girl.  Again, a draw.  I did make it up to spend time with her every week, but she got lamed up after HCR and I didn't get much riding done.  However, thanks to my followers, we managed to figure out what was causing her lameness and get her healed up enough that I could again get back up on her for the fall.

Resolution #4: Start my Master's program in Public Health.  Technically a fail, by one month.  I wanted to start by the May mod and didn't get started until June.  But I did get started and currently have a 4.0 (woo-hoo!).  Unfortunately, we ran into a snag getting my official transcripts from CSU (when I consolidated my student loans, my Perkins loans were not included, which I had no idea about), so until I get my officials I'm stalled out on my program. 

I suspect that my 2011 list will look pretty much like my 2010 list, since I didn't complete them.  No sense beating myself up over it; I'll just dust myself off and have another go.


Finding Pam said...

That is quite an impressive list of resoultions.

Keep up the writing, enjoying your horse, schooling and being healthy.

Happy New Year.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Waitaminute... we're supposed to check in on last year's resolutions? Apparently, I didn't read the owner's manual...

Sara said...

Hey, sounds like a win to me.

Congratulations on starting the masters.

The beauty of it is when someone starts gloating because they're a new, overzealous vegan and how you're murdering animals with your selfish eating, you get to say, "You know, while I was getting my Master's degree..."

It feels awesome.

Mrs Mom said...

Kick Ass girlfriend ;)

Allenspark Lodge said...

You need to add in your future dressage lessons on the horse part of this year's resolutions. That flashy new headstall should be put to really good use.