Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My computer suffered a terminal ITD.  I'm very sad about that, as I *loved* my Dell.  It's been almost exactly two years since the IT guru at work was able to resurrect my laptop.  Did I mention I loved my Dell?  Loved it.

I hate this loaner from the school, though I'm thankful they loaned it to me.  It doesn't play nicely with my bodybugg and since it's a loaner, I don't want to download stuff onto it.  Also, the "e" key doesn't work very well (which is probably why it's a loaner or because it's a loaner).

I went on a great last ride today and can't upload any of the pictures - the computer's just not playing well with any of my stuff. *pouts*  However, Mom does have her great pictures of the ride up over at her blog if you want to see the absolutely fabulous day we had.

My office mate at work has been telling me it's time to upgrade my laptop anyway, but since I had the last surviving Dell on campus, I didn't want to give it up.  The newer model laptops we have just aren't as good as the Dells were.  No matter, it's out of my hands now, unless I want to buy my own laptop instead of getting a school-issued one.

I'll stick with the school issued one as soon as they're finished formatting it and putting all of the work crap on it I need.

I think I'm going to go mourn my laptop. 

Goodbye sweet Dell, I'll miss you.


Allenspark Lodge said...

It's cheaper to replace than to repair stuff nowadays.



Mrs Mom said...

We lost our big old dinosaur desk top last week. Had to replace it w/ something called an "eMachine". So far, so good. Dear Husband is happy and the kids can do school on it- that is all that counts right? ;)

I'll mourn w/ you over the loss of our old trusty stand by machines.