Monday, November 14, 2011

Trying to Maintain Some Level of Decorum

I'm used to making a fool of myself when working out with El Poquito Diablo - I'm certain that he comes up with stuff just to embarrass me, so I'm fairly embarrassment-proof while at the gym. When being tortured, we do a lot of laughing and swearing - I'm okay with that., I went in to do some intervals by myself on the elliptical machine.  I plugged in my earphones and started flipping through the channels.  I landed on Rob Dyrdek's show "Ridiculousness" - totally random show about some pretty impressive stupid human tricks (and epic fails).  Mindless entertainment to keep me preoccupied while I was slogging through my intervals.  The last clip he showed was this...

Y'all, I tried.  I tried my best to maintain some level of decorum.  I swear to the Sweet Baby Jesus, I tried.

Instead, I'm sure the people around me thought I as having a seizure as I was trying not to laugh my ever loving butt off.  Y'all, I snorted.  A couple of times.

I'm not sure they'll allow me to watch TV while on the elliptical machines anymore.


Mr. Daddy said...

Now that would be a new way to cook crabs,,,,,ifn you had any...*snort*

I swear there are a few that need to be culled out of the Gene pool.....LOL

GunDiva said...

I can't even think about the video without laughing. The video itself is kinda funny - the slo-mo play-by-play that Rob Dyrdek did about made me pee myself.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I wanted to post a comment, but then people might think I watched the video. Can't have that.


Michelle Hoad said...

Please Lord, never let my teenage boys do anything that stupid. amen