Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Run

RCC talked me into doing a four-mile run this morning.  And by run, I mean we paid our registration fee, showed up and walked probably 3.25 miles.  It was a pretty route, through City Park and Old Town.

I was feeling pretty down about the results, 1:05:39 for me and 1:05:30 for RCC, much slower than our 5K pace back in September.  When we started talking about it, though, we realized that at least five minutes were wasted right at the start where there was a big bottleneck until the first turn.  Trying to fit 3,600 runners through a starting chute didn't work so well.  Some of the runners had strollers and some had dogs; those people were mostly clueless about what was going on around them and blocked the path for a lot of us.

I'm not a runner, I've never claimed to be, but I can only imagine how frustrating it had to be for the people who were stuck in the bottleneck who were runners.

I was feeling pretty good when we finished the race, certain that I was under one hour.  I wanted to be under 50 minutes, but gave up on that at the start.  Then I saw our times.  That 1:05:39 was crushing and I started getting upset at myself for not pushing harder once the crowd did break free.  Since I was so disappointed in my time, I was pretty certain that I hadn't burned very many calories either.

I plugged in my bodybugg when I got home, expecting to see somewhere around 300 calories burned.  Boy was I surprised when it showed 635!!!  I'm super excited about that and can console myself with the thought that at least five minutes was wasted at the start, so I was sort of close to the time I wanted to make.

Now, in just about an hour and a half, the feasting will begin and I won't feel too guilty about it.  RCC has made some meat pies, Digger's making his favorite pudding pie, Mom's got the turkey going and I get to eat.  Thanksgiving is by far my favorite food holiday!

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Rachel said...

Congrats girlie... I mean, I would run TO FOOD, but not for "fun". So you are much more highly evolved than I ;)

Hope you and your family had a most wonderful Thanksgiving.