Saturday, November 26, 2011


Now that we've spend the last few days thinking about all of the things we have to be thankful for - for most of us it's our health - and fighting the Black Friday crowds, let's do something to help someone else out, what do you say?

Here's the kicker - it won't cost a thing, just a couple of clicks of your mouse, mabe a couple of keystrokes to log in, and - BLAM! - you've just taken a step toward helping out some itty, bitty babies who can't help themselves.  Rachel posted about this yesterday and it has now escalated to a Double Dog Dare.

C'mon, not a single one of us can resist a Double Dog Dare, can we?  So click on over to Rachel's blog and follow the instructions for how to vote for this darling kiddo...

Photo shamelessly stolen from Rachel

I Double Dog Dare you.


Mr. Daddy said...

Thanks Tel, it is such a good cause...

Rachel said...

You rock.

You really rock.

And knowing you in person - this does not surprise me at all that you step out for a good cause.

Thank you SO MUCH. Wish the hug could be in person!