Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Day In Nebalee's Life

A 6 year old little boy walks into the classroom and drops his backpack and coat on the ground. Another student, being the rule follower that he is, says, "Matt, pick up your backpack!." Matt replies in a matter of fact voice, "You must call me Double X." I intercede and respond, "in this classroom we will call you Matt, now pick up your backpack please."

The day (2 1/2 hours that feels like 12 hours) proceeds to go downhill rapidly. Matt wanders the room, refuses to do his work, walks out on the know, things that would get a butt warming at home. Since Matt refused to do his work during class time, he and I continued the lesson through recess. Matt promptly finished his work so he could join the playground chaos. Oh, so sad that I am his teacher because he was informed that he was missing ALL of his recess EVEN IF his work was done.

Matt responds to me with, "I don't have to listen to you! I AM A SECRET AGENT!!!" Well, Matt, "YOU'RE FIRED!! Sit down and fill out your unemployment paperwork because you are no longer on my payroll."

"You can't FIRE me!" he sobs.

"I just did."

After a very long time of crying, we came to an agreement. He now has to earn his DOUBLE X name. Everyday he must earn two stickers--one for doing his work and one for listening to adults--then he will be called Double X and receive recess.


Michelle Hoad said...

My oldest wouldn't play soccer unless his coach called him Inspector Gadget. It was funny to see his coach on the sidelines yelling, 'go, gadget, go!'

Candance said...

I love this!! I had a girl tell me people call her Bubbles. In my head I said,"Sweetie, you're not at work right now so I'll call you by your real name." Outwardly, I told her I'm not people, I'm her teacher, so I'll call her by her name. Now I'm thinking i should've thrown in there she can earn her Bubbles name in the evenings. You know, if I wanted to get fired.

Dreaming said...

Don't you wonder what goes on in kids' heads sometimes? We had a therapeutic riding student last week who insisted he was a fireman. He'd say 911 to get the horse to trot!