Saturday, March 10, 2012

RCC's At It Again

Ripley got another present from RCC.  It's been a while since she's gotten any presents.

This morning RCC hopped out of bed and started working.  When he told me his plan to paint the interior trim I was a bit hesitant, but so far everything he's planned for Ripley has worked out beautifully.

Before trim painting.
(The gear shift boot cover was the first thing RCC bought Ripley)

Alien green, just like her body color

I can't get over how great it looks.

The paint even has the same flecks as the body paint.
I love this trim!

RCC has a new console cover on order from the lady who made the gear shift boot and then we'll begin modifying the console to be able to holster my 1911.  I like the idea of being able to have my gun with me, in the car, easily accessible, yet concealed.  Plenty of updates coming up!


Michelle Hoad said...

looks great! I'm thinking of getting my concealed permit. I saw the cutest purse the other day with a secret compartment.

Shepherd K said...

Boy's got skills. Looks great.

sarahsmile3 said...

Nice! I love that color!

Rachel said...

Pure awesomeness...

And I vote for spam. This WV is killing me, ha!