Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things That Made Me Smile

I've been kind of a sad panda lately and not much has made me smile.  But in the last twenty-four hours a few things have made me smile.

Last night...Frito Pie...
So yummy, I had two bowls

Today, between classes, I came home for a couple hours and the kitties made me smile.  They're six weeks old today, only two weeks until they go to their new homes.  Today, they found the sun beams in the middle of the bed and took a snooze with me.
Gizmo (the mommy) and Toes enjoying the sun

Thing 1 in her sun worship pose while Scout snoozes

Kitty cuddles
Thing 1 and Scout

Toes: "Oh, hi Mommy"

Toes posing for the camera
I got a little worried that Thing 2 wasn't up on the bed with us - she's a bit of an introvert and is often off by herself, but she doesn't usually miss a cuddle puddle.  I found her in the hallway cuddling with Scamp, her daddy.  I was too slow to get a picture, but they sure were cure.

I headed back to work to give my finals.  We had planned a potluck to bribe thank our volunteer patients.  One of my students is a flipping baking whiz.  If the whole medicine thing doesn't work out for her, she should open a bakery.  (But she's a damn good medical assistant, so I doubt she'll open a bakery any time soon.)

The prettiest cupcakes I've ever seen

Not just the frosting was pretty,
the inside was almost too pretty to eat.
In addition to being beautiful, they were the lightest cupcakes I've ever eaten.  My cupcakes are always a bit dense and these were light and moist.  When I asked my student how on earth she made them so light she told me that she had to whip the color into the batter forever, much longer than she would usually mix the batter, and she's pretty sure that's what the difference is.

Who knows?  Who cares?  All I know is that, hands down, those were the best cupcakes I've eaten.

That's what made me smile in the past 24 hours.  What made you smile?


2A Mama said...

Awww, I'm sorry you've been feeling down, but glad the kitties and cupcakes made you smile! Kitties are good for that. :)

Not much to make me smile these last few days - the creeping crud has hit my house and I'm sick as a dog. :(

Hope more things make you smile today!

Rachel said...

Alright - your kitties and your cupcakes made me smile through the monitor... talented!

Hope the week goes better for you - perspective is just what we need sometimes, huh?

Michelle Hoad said...

I'm a sucker for a cuddle puddle. I wish I was closer. I would totally take one of those kitties off your hands. My big ole fat cat isn't much of a cuddler. Unless he decides it's time, then you had better be available. Or else.