Tuesday, April 3, 2012


T!nK was one of my very first non-family followers and I've missed his blog very much.  He used to blog over at This is How it Feels, where he chronicled his life, including his discharge from the Army under Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  His blog and subsequent discharge changed his life dramatically; he became a rather public figure and activist for gay rights.  He dropped out of the blogosphere in September, 2010.  We've kept in contact since his disappearance and I consider him another child.  He's just three years older than Digger and has lived a much different life than my children have.

He can't seem to settle on a name; in the time I've known him he's changed his online name a million times, but he's still just T!nK to me.  I love that kid.  He's returned to the blogosphere with a new name (Kid Kennedy) and a new blog, Twenty-Something.

I may be biased, but his writing is worth reading.  Go ahead, check out both of his blogs: This is How it Feels is still up, he's no longer posting there, but it's worth reading for background before clicking over to follow him at Twenty-Something.


Mrs Mom said...

Glad that T!nk is still around! Your ESP is working cause I was going to ask you what he was up to these days. I'll be sure to pop over and welcome him back!!

Rico Kennedy said...

ahhhh thank you :) I heart yuh <3