Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Minute: 8/16/10

This upcoming Monday Minute is co-hosted by the Anywhoodle NOLA Queen, Kimber! She wrote all five questions.

If you could have plastic surgery, would you? If so, what would you get done?
There are a lot of things I'd like to have done, but the fact that it involves undergoing the knife negates all I might want to do.

What laws have you broken?
I'm really kind of a goody-two-shoes.  Speeding's the worst I've ever done.  Boring, I know!

What is your quirkiest habit?
Not a clue.  I even asked my husband and he didn't have an answer either.

If you only had 3 songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be?
I find most songs get annoying if I have to hear them over and over again, so I'm not sure I can answer this without regretting it later.
and finally...

How often do you have sex?
Well, we've found yet another question I won't answer ;)


Mrs Mom said...

LOL I am totally with you on the first one!!! ;)

Terry Odell said...

Interesting questions -
1. Already did, in conjunction with another necessary procedure.
2. As someone who came of age in the 60's, I've technically committed a felony, but otherwise, even my speeding ticket was boring--35 in a 30? On my street? Get real, cops.
3. No clue here either
4. If it was only 3, I'd probably just not listen. But I've had my writing playlist for years and am still not tired of it.
5. Been married 41 years -- often enough, I guess.

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Michelle Hoad said...

I'd get some big fake boobies like Candance's.

K. Erickson said...

1) No. I came into this world with a certain set of standard equipment, and I intend to leave this world as close to the same way as possible (barring accidents and other misfortunes). @Michelle - as a man, please allow me to say, unless you were cursed with absolutely no boobs at all, fake boobs are overrated.

2) If you call being charged with 35 in a 49 a speeding ticket, I have had that plus a few others. The most interesting charge that has been filed against me is "civil contempt of court" (which may, at some point in the future, lead to a charge of conspiracy to commit murder if I am ever again put in the same room as that judge).

3) The Queen would say it is my anal retentiveness when it comes to doing laundry and dishes.

4) Mr. Scary - Dokken would definitely be on the list; the other two are kinda tough to narrow down.

5) More often than some, less often than others.