Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Minute and Digger's Birthday

This week the guest hostess is Jessica from Stilettos & A Fishing Pole.

Last week was Jessica's first time doing the Monday Minute!

Here are this weeks questions (the first 3 are from Jessica)

Who was your high school Sweet Heart?
Jim R.  We were practically married by high school standards - together 18 months.  After we broke up, he started dating the girl he would eventually marry and thus set the pattern for all of my exes.
What is your favorite vegetable to eat?
Broccoli sauteed in butter with garlic.  Yummmmm.
Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween, if yes, what do you have in mind?
I'm horrible at dressing up for Halloween and rarely do it.  I always come up with the best idea for a costume the day of Halloween and then don't have time to put the costume together.
Are you a reality show junkie? If so, what is your guilty pleasure?
Thanks to the hubby, I've gotten hooked on Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen.
and finally
What year did you graduate high school?
1989.  A long, long time ago.

In addition to Monday Minute - Happy 19th Birthday to Digger.  You can't possibly be 19, 'cause your beautiful mother is only in her twenties.  And I have to say, kiddo, for all of your good looks - you're welcome.  You really are the product of superior genes :)


Heather's In The Land Of Crazy said...

Last year for Halloween my son wanted me to dress up too and I had no costume. So very fast I put together a dead cheerleader.

Beth Zimmerman said...

1977 was even further back! :( And I share your Reality TV addiction!

Michelle Pixie said...

We do love Top Chef around here and who doesn't love Chef Gordon Ramsay?!

Aunt Crazy said...

Hope Digger had a happy birthday!!! You don't look a day over 19 yourself! LOL