Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Whoda Thunk?

So, today's been a pre-NaNoWriMo day; doing laundry, getting ready for the potluck kick-off party tonight, and trying to keep my fingers out of Word until midnight.

I flipped the TV on to keep me company (RCC's at work, so no freaking NASCAR or football!) and found some shows that I had heard about, but had never seen.  I've wasted the afternoon oddly fascinated by Swamp People on the History channel and Sister Wives on TLC.

First, Swamp People.  They've actually made a TV show about 'gator hunters.  Those ole boys are some tough old coots.  And then there's the idiot son who keeps forgetting to load his gun.  Really?  You've got an angry gator on a hook and you freaking forget to load your gun?!  Hell, I wanted to take him out behind the woodshed for that.  And it didn't happen just once.  Oh, no.  He "forgot" multiple times.  Ugh!

And Sister Wives.  Man, I have often said I need a wife to do my cooking and cleaning and laundry and haul the kids around.  Sounds good, right?  I'm not so sure the cost is worth it.  I don't play well with others as far as my husband's concerned.  Even though I'm not the jealous sort, I'm also not the sharing sort.  It's easy for me to not be the jealous sort when I *know* my husband is coming home to me and only me.  I'm thinking that if I had to share, it wouldn't last very long and I'd be posting this blog from the old cross-bar hotel.


Candance said...

I am like waaaayyy obsessed and fascinated with polygamy, but I tried to watch an episode of that "Sister Wives" and made NJ change the channel because that husband was going off to see this last wife he just added and I got all stabby because I got to thinking about how it would be if NJ was bringing another chick home to us. I'd kill them both in their sleep.

Mr. Daddy said...

That is too funny I actually saw a few minutes of the Swamp People tonight....LOL

It looked kinda interesting but we had company (Rach's Mom and Dad) so I didn't see to much of it....

But Rach watches that other piece of crap show, I have more important things to do. Like watch paint dry or something...ROFL

Mrs Mom said...

I get a kick out of Swamp People. (Dear Husband even works with a relocated coonass at the Range... Guy is a PISSER!)

The kid that "forgot" to load his gun... duuuuuudeeee would have SO gotten his arse whupped. Seriously.

As to the other-- never seen it. Not much desire to, since like you I do NOT play well with others/ share when it comes to my husband. We'd be in cells next to each other I suspect ;)

Terry Odell said...

Maybe I need to watch tv!
Good luck with NaNo.

Terry's Place
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Mama Gayle said...

I haven't seen Swamp People, but I have watched Sister Wives. My Boyfriend leaves the room whenever it comes on, he HATES it. I too like the thought of some other b*tches helping me with all the dang chores, but like you, I could not share my hubby (didn't work out when the first husband tried it, ROFL).

P.S. I am SO SORRY to just read about your Grandmother passing away!!! I know she was very special to you.

Oh, one more thing... Where we moved, I have horses in my back yard:) It is so neat.

GB Girl said...

I am with you on Sister Wives. I have actually forbidden MB to watch it, just in case he gets the bright idea that multiple wives would be a good thing. I told him if he thinks I would like having another woman around the house to help with laundry and chores and whatnot, he can get me a maid!

sarahsmile3 said...

The husband from Sister Wives creeps me out.