Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Moment of Levity

Grandma's death has dragged on and on and on.  She died last Thursday, but because of other factors, her funeral won't be until Friday.  Yep, a full week and one day after she died.  It's dragged out the grieving process so that it's almost unbearable, but only a couple more days...

Anyway, back to the "fun".

Last night we had a "reading rehersal" for those of us who will be doing readings at the funeral.  I was handed my reading and on the top was written "to be read after the first reading".  No problem, that makes my reading the second reading, right?

One would think so. 

However, there was another reading handed out that said "second reading".  So I asked, "when do I do my reading?"

Answer: "After the first reading."

Me:  "Okay, but this other one says it's the second reading."

Answer: "It is the second reading."

Me:  "How can that one be the second reading, if I'm supposed to read after the first reading?  Doesn't that make mine the second reading and that one the third reading?"

Answer:  "No.  That one's the second reading, but you go after the first reading."

To borrow from Momma Fargo, *blink* *blink*

It was like "Who's on First?" all over again.

The worst part was that only my cousin C understood where I was coming from.  In my crazy family's mind it made perfect sense that the passage that I'm reading after the first passage was not considered the second reading.  So C and I decided that the actual first reading is 1A, I'm reading 1B and then we'll get to the second reading.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Yep. Now I understand completely ;)

Had the same thought-- 1st reading was 1A, you were 1B, and THEN second......LOL

*shaking head* Hang in there girl.

Rachel said...

Silly! Hope it all goes well! Both the first and second second readings!

Christy said...

One of these days I'll write about my daughter's funeral in which nothing went the normal way. Something like this would have had me howling with laughter. I know, my sense of humor is a bit off.

I am sorry about your grandmother.

Finding Pam said...

Sounds like there are too many chiefs. I hope all went well with your second reading.

Candance said...

Huh. I can't really say much seeing as how my aunt got into a fist fight at my granny's funeral and her biggest concern was whether or not anyone had seen her slip.