Monday, October 11, 2010

TST: The Moose

It's that time again!  Time to dust off the memory banks and put your favorite stories up for everyone to laugh at you like the freak you are enjoy.  So head on over to Rachel and Mr. Daddy's to link up and join in the fun.

I've grown up in Colorado.  Lived here my whole life.  Never seen a darn moose.  Tourists come here, they see moose.  I go to where the moose are supposed to be - no moose.  I have to see a real, live, honest-to-God moose before I die.  I simply must.

Several years ago, my friend Angelina and I went through Yellowstone on our way to go see her husband who was working in Washington.  I'm getting excited.  There are moose in Yellowstone.  The moose won't come to me in Colorado, so I'll go to them in Yellowstone.  It's a sound plan, no?

We only had a couple of hours in Yellowstone before we had to hit the road, so we stopped at Old Faithful to look around.  I had my camera out and was taking pictures.  Mostly of bison, because, well, let's face it, there are more bison than humans in Yellowstone.

I was squatted down, taking pictures, when all of a sudden I hear, "A Moose!"  Remember how I really, really wanted to see a moose?  And how I've never seen one?  Yeah, I was pretty excited.  I jumped up, camera ready, to snap a picture of the elusive moose.

I looked around frantically.  But I didn't see a moose.  Now, I've heard they're big critters.  Hard to miss when they're standing up.  But I didn't see one.  What I do see is Angelina barely able to hold her sh*t together.  She's laughing so hard that her face is red from trying to hold it in.  She gestures toward the tourist, who is pointing at the "moose"...

I looked at Angelina and said, "My public school education has failed me again!  I would have sworn that we were looking at bison."  (Okay, I had to add that last part just to tie in with Mr. Daddy's school theme, but I really did say that.  Really.)


Mr. Daddy said...

nice Moose....


Rachel said...

Seriously?!?! That is insane! How on earth?

(Do not reference the story in which I hit a dog and my dad blew it up into a "Rachel hit a moose" story... ugh!)

Totally losing it over the tourist being clueless. I mean, a MOOSE?!?! See the things I miss with not being able to hear? I would have peed myself and totally laughed at her. Sorry, ha ha!

Thanks for linking up! It was a tale that MOOSE be told!

Kelly said...

Boy if that's a moose then the guy that drew Bullwinkle was way off!

Stacyonthecouch said...

Living quite close to the Rockie Mountains myself, I also hadn't seen a moose. Until this past year. We zipped past it so fast on the highway, I just saw a large dark mass. Still doesn't count to me. I DID however see a bear about 15 feet away. We pulled over to get pics, great pics ... OF THE BUSH IT WAS EATING OFF. The camera man was a little excited and wasn't aiming. Great pic of your moose there ... :) lol

Terry Odell said...

I did spot a mom with two calves from the train on our Alaska tour. I live in Colorado now, but I'm not sure I live where the moose (meese?) are. Deer, yes. Elk, yes. Although we've yet to have an elk in our yard. Son-in-law said he thought he saw a moose, but when we pushed for a better description, it had to have been an elk.

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GB Girl said...

That is one ugly moose! I thought they were taller. ;)