Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Pissed Off Momma and Lots of F-Bombs

Consider yourself warned.

Digger is a legitimate dumb ass.  I know that's not surprising since he's 19 and living in Wyoming in what is essentially a frat house.

But he got really stupid last night and he and his buddies thought it would be a good idea to brand themselves.

You heard me:  Fucking Brand Themselves.

That's a legit hot iron brand.

Let's just say it's a good thing he's a LONG way from me right now, because I'd knock his fucking head off.

Here's how I found out:
Digger (on FB): So. . . judge me if u must. but i may or may not have legitimatly branded my ass. . it may or may not sting about right now

So I went to my "mole" Ashinator who takes pics of everything and found the previously posted picture.  My comment to Digger:
Dude...I just saw the pics. You are a dumb ass. Bet you didn't remember that you tend to lean toward keloid scarring, did you? Yeah, that brand will look great. Time for your ass to quit drinking, the IQ of 12 doesn't become you.
I seriously cannot believe he'd do something so stupid.  I'm all about a tattoo or two that mean something to you, but a BRAND that you got while drunk with a bunch of goddamn redneck fucking hicks that you'll lose touch with in a year or two is about as dumb as you can get.

I am so angry I'm shaking.  I want to take my pocket knife and carve that burned ass flap of skin right off his useless body.

I hope it gets infected. I don't.  Because then I'll be footing the bill for his dumbassery.

Ima kick his ass when I see him.


Shepherd K said...

Isn't this the same genius child who moved in with a girl who then claimed to be preggers but really wasn't resulting in the end of said relationship? Seems like junior needs some serious head adjusting before being allowed in public.

GunDiva said...

Shepherd K - does the middle of Wyoming count as public? Nebalee reminded me that it was his body and he was the one who had to live with it. I can't wait until one of her kids comes home with a tat, piercing or brand, just so I can tell her the same thing :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Hehehehehahahahahhohohohhoooooooo... *GASP*...hahahahehehhohoh.. whooooppphahahheheheheeeeeee... *GASP*

Oh, GunDiva, I'm so sorry....hehehehehhahah...

Rachel said...

Oh no. Oh no.

WHOA oh no.

And you're not liable for medical bills after 18, right?

Terry said...

omigosh......Who on earth DOES that??? So sorry...I would beat his ass too.

Angie N said...

I take it that was Bill's comment and not Juanita's???

And did he happen to tell you what the WC stands for?

Killlashandra said...

Holy smokes, really? The difference is that brands are a lot harder to hide or remove than, ah, ink and piercings. Wow.

Mr. Daddy said...

Sorry bout your frustration, but I am laughing so hard at Bill's comment I just cannot think of anything witty to say....LOL

Grandparents revenge is priceless I guess.... *snort*

Candance said...

NJ branded his dumbass when he was a kid. And he scars really bad, so it was ugly. He even thought it was ugly and you've seen all the crap he has on him. He finally got it covered up with a tiger or something-thank God. Cause it was ugly.

I'd be the hell out of Max.

Aunt Crazy said...

My 18 year old idiot just got a tattoo, which I'm not opposed to, especially since I have one myself. It is HUGE and on his calf, I must admit it's pretty but sheesh.

Sorry your dumbass and my dumbass aren't smart yet...