Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Quick Shout-out!

I know, I know.  I'm really behind on posts and I'll get caught up today, I promise.  But first, I just wanted to put this out there...

Barnes & Noble's Customer Service for the nook *ROCKS*!

Eloise has developed a little crack on her faceplate - she's still functional, but the crack is getting bigger.  My one year warranty expired in May, so I was hoping that I could just get a replacement faceplate.  I was even willing to pay for the replacement, I just didn't want Eloise to have to live with the crack.

I called Customer Service and talked to the sweetest woman (I didn't get her name, though I should have), who regretfully informed me that my warranty had expired, but then quickly went on to tell me that she wanted to talk to somebody with more authority about replacing it.  Remember, I just wanted to buy a replacement faceplate.

She put me on hold, talked to whoever she needed to talk to, came back on the line and told me that they were going to replace the whole thing.  Eloise isn't getting a facelift - I'm getting a whole new Eloise.  And that's a whole lot more than I ever expected.

If any of you are caught in the nook vs. Kindle debate and don't know which way to do - I've got to say, nook now has my unconditional support.


Mr. Daddy said...

so glad you won't be with out your nookie....*snort*

GunDiva said...

Thanks for your support, Mr. Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're still happy with your Nook. I still *heart* my Kindle!

Aunt Crazy said...

OMG Mr. Daddy made be spew water all over my keyboard!!!

GD that's awesome customer service!!!