Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip 7/16/2011

The day before my birthday, RCC and I got a wild hair and decided to load up in Ripley for a road trip.  It was a good choice, as I finally got to see a moose.  Nebalee had told us that the Poudre River was running high and that we needed to see it before it receded.  That was our excuse, but once we got on the road, we decided to just keep going all the way to Walden, down to Grand Lake, and across Trail Ridge Road.  It took us six hours, but just for you here it is in 5:56.


Allenspark Lodge said...

That last stretch of highway was "Trail Ridge Road". On a clear night, you can look DOWN at the stars.


Rachel said...

Hey - I remember that terrain! Beautiful. Say hello to everyone we are missing soon :(

Michelle Hoad said...

I love spontaneous road trips. It's a little hard to do with seven heathens. hell, everything is hard to do with seven heathens.