Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures of Ashinator: Bits and Pieces

On our way to go dress shopping, we passed a gelato shop.
I leaned over to RockCrawlinChef and whispered, "We could go get g-e-l-a-t-o when we're done."
I thought I was being stealthy.
From the backseat, I hear, "Mom. I know how to spell."


Let's get to business. Prom.
It. Was. The. BEE'S KNEES.
It started off sketchy because everyone was making me late and then more people showed up to CJ's for the photographer than was actually planned. Not just like one or two more people, like six more people. I was more than frustrated, needless to say. Then we left for dinner, just me and CJ, and everything was wonderful again. Hibachi was delicious, except the dude choppin' and throwin' our food around everywhere threw a shrimp at me (which I don't like anyway) and got a nasty shrimp grease stain on my dress! That bastard! He's lucky I didn't see it until after we left, otherwise he woulda had a spatula up his ass. Word bird.
Now, we're at the dance. And they have goldfish in the center pieces on the tables. Anybody wanna guess where those fish came from? That's right baybay! Man, those goldfish were such a good idea.
Oh anyways, the theme was "An Evening of Fire and Ice: Where Worlds Collide". It was pretty badass.
After Prom. Was sick! Everything was free. EVERYTHING. Free Qdoba, free Inta, free Cane's, free Domino's. It was beautiful. They also had a blowup thing that was a velcro wall, it just goes without saying, that of course CJ and I took part in that particular activity. It wasn't fun, I repeat, IT WAS NOT FUN. Oh, and also, we got a caricature drawn. I looked like Michael Jackson and CJ looked like Spock. I don't know if that's a Mega Win or a Mega Fail.
Back at home by 2:45 am. Passed out by 2:50 am.


I'm sorry I didn't write a post last Friday, I had food poisoning. All I wanted was Jello (of the strawberry flavor). That's the only thing (hah) I asked for. (That's a damn lie). Nobody could seem to find any Jello at the store. I was all better by Saturday, guess what I found in the fridge on Sunday? GOSH DARNED STRAWBERRY JELLO. I seriously considered crying, but instead I ate three cups of it and called it good.


Last night, I made the adult decision to go to CJ's mom's house and hear her out and forgive her. It turned out alright, I don't fully trust her...or even like her that much. But in order to make me and CJ stronger I needed to forgive her. It was the only way to fix our relationship.

I've said all I've got to say for this week.
Thank you and that will be all.

(That's right, I'm back from the dead, along with my boy Tupac)


Aunt Crazy said...

I love the Ashinator's posts!!! FUN TIMES on the prom and good for you about CJ's mom!!! You seem wise beyond your years...way to go to your momma for raising a good girl!

Dual Mom said...

Just imagine Ashinator - your legacy will live forever in the goldfish tales that will be told for years to come!

Gundiva - are you sure your daughter isn't 30?

Allenspark Lodge said...

Hey, Grandma wants a little credit here. I trained her in work ethic - she worked for me at the lodge for 2 summers - and I figure that's how she did such a great job with the goldfish! Plus I think the school gets a little credit for using them for Prom!

Michelle Hoad said...

In the kitchen the other day, I told my husband I made J-E-L-L-O and my two year old said "I want jello."

I'm screwed.