Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today's Work-out

So not many people would consider working at a B&B as exercise, but those are the people who romanticize B&Bs.  The reality is that it's a lot of work.  Especially if the B&B has thirteen bedrooms and sleeps twenty-eight. 

Mom needed some help, while Bill's off with his family, so I went up last night to help with dinner, which meant cooking for only twelve guests - not too much exercise, but constant movement.  Luckily, last night, the lodge was only half-full.  After dinner, the table needed to be bussed and the dishes washed.  Again, not a lot of strenuous exercise, but constant movement.

I slept like a rock last night - always do at the lodge.  I joke that it's because I'm hypoxic at that altitude, but really, I think it's because the mountains are just part of me and I sleep like a baby in them.

This morning, cook breakfast, set the table, buss the table, wash dishes.  Just steady constant movement.  After breakfast, time to tear down the bedrooms on the second floor; strip the sheets off the bed and haul them down the stairs to the laundry room.  Three *large* laundry baskets full of sheets and towels down the stairs - beginning to feel like work - or at least weight-bearing exercise.

And were we done?  Oh no.  It's still winter at the lodge, so it was on to haul in firewood.  Six loads apiece, through the hot tub room, dining room and living room.

That slave driver even got me to help make up the beds in one room (I left before all of the laundry was done, or I'd've been remaking all of the beds with her).

The bonus?  I mean, besides the exercise.  I got an amazing nap after hauling in the wood.  I love naps - how many calories does that burn?  Certainly I burned a few calories climbing to my room on the third floor and carrying my dirty linens down.

Okay, so my mom can work circles around me at the lodge, but she's not forty pounds overweight.  Oh, and she does this every day, so she's in shape for it.  Tomorrow, I know that I'll feel muscles I forgot I had. 

On the way home from the lodge, I was mentally writing this post (which was nothing like what just came out of my fingers) and I passed the area where Mom's horses are wintering.  Then I did a double take and slammed on the brakes.  The herd was at the river, just a few feet from the road.  Of course I had to stop to see the babies.  I haven't seen Mom's herd since they went down in November (Estes went down in October and is being kept on the "fat" pasture to keep weight on her).

I climbed through the fence and called them over.

Ranger was the first to come over for cuddles,
but when he found out I didn't have treats he went back to grazing.

Doc isn't part of Mom's herd, but is part of the winter herd.

Dutch is the horse that Digger first fell in love with,
he's also not part of Mom's herd, but is part of the winter herd.

Washoe could maybe use some time on the fat pasture with Estes.
He's looking a bit ribby, but was happy, happy to see me :)

Jesse looks great.
She tends to run heavy, but has wintered beautifully.

I'm missing a picture of one of the horses - Peanut - who wouldn't get far enough away from me for me to take a picture.  You may remember Peanut from Digger's wild ride, he's gotten much cuddlier than he was when we used him at the livery.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Geez. Ranger is usually the last to come up to see me. The turd.

GunDiva said...

The turd thought I had treats and the others were far enough away he thought he'd have first shot at them.

Besides, he likes me better than you :p

Mrs Mom said...

Love Rangers ear curls here- he is a handsome bugger.

Your post wore me out. Got me reaching for another bucket of coffee just to keep up reading it ;)
My hat is off to your Momma!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Thanks, GD and Mrs. Mom. I do get plenty of weight-bearing exercise to keep me in shape for riding - OK, so maybe it's the other way around. The horses keep me in shape for the Lodge!

By the way, Ranger likes clicker training and he thinks the camera is a clicker, hence camera = click = treat. Lucky for GunDiva he likes scratches as treats.

vinomom said...

Your mom has a B&B ? At some kind of dude ranch?? Man that is like my dream vacation. Or dream life maybe. Someday....