Monday, April 12, 2010

These Boots Ain't Made For Walking,

But that's just what I did.

Remember my favoritest boots on the planet?  These obnoxious babies...

Yeah, I love those boots.  I've been known to pair them with a bathsheet to change propane, or with running pants to start the car, and on occasion, I even wear them with jeans like I'm supposed to.  They've got some good gription on the bottom so if I ever have to hike in the mountains, I don't slip and slide all over the place like I did when I had slick leather soles on my boots.  They are fabulous boots.  Unless you have to hike very far in them.  Then they suck.

Last Monday, I took the day off to go see my baby girl.  She's been out to winter pasture since October last year, and with the weather warming up, I'm getting the horse itch something fierce.  I met my parents and we drove out to the pasture that Estes had recently been moved to with a couple of other horses.

The horses were visible when we parked, so we thought it'd be an easy catch day.

We were wrong.  So Bill tried his patented natural horseman approach to catching horses, pretend to graze.

Mom swears that he's caught many a strange (I mean unfamiliar, not crazy) horse this way.
I think they're both looney.

It didn't work.
The horses went away.
Away-away, not just a few steps.
I'm not sure how big this pasture is but the horses are a good half mile from us at this point,
they kept going.
So we hiked.
And hiked.
And hiked some more.

Bill managed to turn them, and we ran them back to where we started.

Those little snots just had to make sure we earned the right to be in their presence.
Once we got them turned and back to where we started,
Mom was able to walk right up to Paint and catch him, the got an arm around Estes.
Audubon (the trouble maker who took the herd away at the beginning) even deigned to let me touch her.

They'd overrun the grooming supplies, so we hauled their butts back to the supplies.
Estes was a fuzzy mess.  That girl has got hair and then some.

It took forever, because every swipe of Mom's magic rubber curry thingie filled up with hair.
But Estes appreciated it...

She even thanked me.
Trust me, this is as affectionate as she gets.

Mom worked on her mane and tail,
Tell me, is she in horsey heaven or what?

She's got me wrapped around her cute little double ott hooves and she knows it!

One last cuddle before she heads back to the herd.


Mrs Mom said...

She sure is a cutie Diva, and looked like she was loving life with all the TLC!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Look at all that HAIR!!!! The birds were happy for all the nest building material we let fly across the countryside.

Thanks for the pics of our herd. Sorry Washoe forgot to stop; he gets a little carried away. We'll work on Estes' 'come' command, but I wouldn't expect much. At her age, she's a little set in her ways! Ranger can get that way too.

Linda Medrano said...

Such a beautiful girl! Love her! I love the grazing imitation! LOL! Funny!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I feel like I just read a picture book! :-)

Dual Mom said...

That's one happy horse! I firmly believe horses smile.

Taylorvillegirl said...

What a gorgeous horse. She looks so happy. That fake grazing pose is hilarious!