Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventures of Ashinator: The Great Goldfish Adventure

I'll set the scene for you. It's Friday April 2nd and I'm really not feeling like independent study would be beneficial today.

After US History I walked to my locker, innocently, as my best friend RyRy approached me. He asked whether or not I would be attending 2nd period or not. I asked what was up and he procceeded to open his locker and show me a bag filled with 50 live little feeder goldfish.
That was the moment I knew I was finally going to do something with my high school career.

Second period started and our friends all went to class, so RyRy put the bag of fish in his backpack and we walked anxiously toward our first victim. The San Juan bathroom. He headed into the boys bathroom and put a fish in every toilet and urnial, when he finished he walked out and we made the trade. He handed me his backpack and I handed him my purse. It was a good color on him. I walked into the bathroom and a fish in every toilet and I was on the last one when I heard this, "WHAT THE F***! THERE'S A F***ING FISH IN THE URNIAL!" I threw the last fish in the toilet and ran out in time to see a 6 foot tall African-American (to be politically correct) running out of the bathroom screaming.
RyRy and I clearly had to rethink our stragedy.
We left school and went to get some zip-locs so we could divide up the fish for a more smooth operation.
That's when we got the call from our pal, Krispen, "Hahahah! The janitors keep trying to flush the fish but they're just swimming back up the pipes!"
When me and RyRy got back we successfully completed our mission and put up the finishing touches. Posters that read, "SAVE THE GOLDFISH!"
And the Rocky student body did just that. They saved all the goldfish (with minimal casualties) and brought them to the library. The librarians had heard about the prank and took a fish bowl full of plants, dumped out the plants, and made a safe haven for the little fishies. They were even giving the fish away to students for pets!

So, overall, Friday was pretty successful. And, we didn't get caught, nobody even knew it was us. Until, of course, we got on facebook after school and bragged about it.

Goldfish prank=success.


Dual Mom said...

Ahhh Ashinator...I don't know whether to laugh or scold!

I think I'll go with laughing!

GunDiva said...

And now the whole world knows thanks to Blogger :)

And I refused to excuse her absence for 2nd period that day.

But I think it's pretty freakin' funny.

Aunt Crazy said...

OMG that is GREAT! I'm so glad it worked and I'm cracking UP! I would have excused the absence but I'm gullible...LOL

I love Ashinator's posts!!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Right on Ashinator! A prank that hurt nobody, yet created a common goal among the students (save the goldfish) and put some levity in the day at a time of year when boredom usually gets students in trouble. I'll bet the teachers are still laughing behind closed doors.
A Proud Grandma

Linda Medrano said...

Just terrible! And just awful! Terribly funny and awfully hysterical! LOL.

Mad Woman said...

I wish I'd had the guts to do something like that. Awesome. But tsk tsk for skipping class ;-) There, I feel like I've fulfilled my motherly duties.

Jennifer said...


Wish I'd think of cool stuff like that!!!

(Sorry GD,,, I'm sure I shouldn't encourage her, but this one is worth it.)

Anonymous said...

thats better than when the senior class let a bunch of chickens run around the high school!

Candance said...

Betcha Ashley wishes I was a teacher at her school cause if she was nice to me and brought me Diet Mt. Dew (in a bottle or a fountain drink), I would write a note saying she was in my class working on a project.

Then it would've been excused.

Not that I've ever done anything like that before, because that would be very bad teacher behavior.

Nor do I condone skipping class, even to play an awesome prank.

There. Does that restore some of my teacher credibilty.