Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventures of Ashinator (and CJ too!)

CJ - "87...Thousand people have worn your shirt."
^^Reffering to my aeropostale 87 hoodie.
What a weirdo.

Well, I didn't right a post last Friday on account of all of my boys graduating and I was a sad panda!
Jearbear, Hawk, Conman, and Erm. Are done with high school. And I'm still stuck there.
Oh well, one more year, and I'm a senior now.

CJ you say something now!
Wellll, even if I only became friends with those cool quacks a week or so before they graduated,
I'm a pretty sad panda too!
But senior year will be just as good as this last year because we'll both have cars!

They are cool quacks, but only Conman is actually leaving...and he's only going to be a few hours away.

On a lighter note.
AND! CJ and I just made delicious brownies! Yumyum!
Gosh I don't know what to say, poor Tupac, he should just come back already.
Johnny Cash too, only he's really dead. Poor Johnny.
"When I was arrested I was dressed in black..."

Oh! I'm going swimming today! First swim of the summer!
Also, I decided I'm going to get my nose double pierced and put another hoop in.
Pretty cute, right?
Don't answer that. It sounds weird but it's gonna look good.
I promise!

I'm going to eat a brownie now,
have a good day.


Oh- I have some things to add.
GunDiva in: These all came from an actual conversation we had at Monster's birthday dinner.  Welcome to the chaos that is our life.

1. I'm too fat to be a model. Too short as well. I would have to cut off my boobs and stretch them like play-doh into leg extentions.

2. I could, however, make lots of tips if I worked at a place that showed off my...chesticle region. HAHAHAHAH.

3. Not Hooters though, because, while I am blessed in the chesticle department those girls would make me look like a pre-pubescent 12 year. And that's just no good.

Goodbye for realsies.

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Mad Woman said...

Muahaha...chesticles. And hubby thought I was nuts (I am) when I called them that. Now I have proof it's a real word!