Sunday, May 30, 2010

Order from CSN Stores

Before I get to the CSN Store order - I want to wish Not A GunDiva a happy birthday.  She and I may be polar opposites in some ways, but I think I'll finally quit asking Mom to take her back to the hospital.  Happy birthday - hope you have a great day.  Love you.

I finally decided what I was going to order from CSN Stores to review.  When we brought Dashurie home, Ash had talked about wanting a carrier for her so that Dash can go where Ash goes.  We couldn't find a carrier we liked, so whenever Dash wanted to go somewhere, we had to borrow Scamp's cat carrier.  Well, wouldn't you know that when I looked in the pet section of CSN, I found a carrier that I think will be perfect for Dashurie.
Isn't it cute?  My only issue is that this is the only view offered; I would have liked to see what the inside looks like and see about the venting - I can't have my grand-hedgehog suffocating now, can I?

It's scheduled to ship to me sometime next week (holiday weekends always mess up shipping) and I expect that it will be here the following week.  I'll be sure to post pics of Dash in her new carrier and Scamp will be relieved to have his back.


Mr. Daddy said...

Yeah I'm a dork. Rach finally showed me that I'm not a follower of you Gun Diva, but a follower of Girls with Guns. which is a totally different thing...Sorry! :o(

Yeah I'm tech. challenged...LOL

So here I am your newest follower...

Happy Birthday to NOT a Gun Diva...

Hedge Hogs Eay!!! now that is a unique pet.... just saying....LOL

GunDiva said...

I'm glad Rachel set you straight, Mr. Daddy. Welcome to my little part of the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy it :)