Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why My Mom's The Best Mom In The World

Well, because she had me, of course!

And because once I got divorced, I realized that she's about the smartest woman on the planet.  The woman who previously didn't know squat, suddenly knew *everything*.  Too bad it took me until I was 23 to figure it out.

She's also an amazing businesswoman (who's got a pretty good business partner, too).  If you don't believe me, just visit the lodge.

She has corrupted me, though.  When I was hemming and hawing about whether or not I could afford to buy Estes, do you know what she told me?  "A horse is cheaper than therapy."  Here I was, trying to be responsible about money and all, and she's encouraging me to buy a horse?!  Yup, that's my mom.

Jeez, I thought this list was going to be easy to write.  I was wrong!  There are just so many reasons why my mommy's better than your mommy.  I'll leave you with just one more:

She's a great trail riding partner (and she gets it when all I can talk about is my horse - the one she encouraged me to buy).


Allenspark Lodge said...

And I like her, too!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Thank you, GD. I must admit, I had to do a lot of "practicing" on you, which you totally did NOT like (I got a little more lenient with each successive child), but now you believe you turned out the best. So who really won?

I also love having a riding partner who lets ME talk about MY horse all the time...and understands. Do we ever actually hear each other?

I really, really love my grandkids, too, so you must be doing a pretty good job as a mother.

As a matter of fact, I think I'm one of the luckiest mothers on Earth. I really like the adults all of my children have turned into, and that says a lot. They are GOOD people.

Linda Medrano said...

You rock so why am I not surprised Mama rocks too? Happy Mother's Day, Honey!

Mrs Mom said...

Happy (belated) MOthers Day!!!!!!!!!!

Course your Mommy rocks! She did a bang up job with you :)

Vinomom said...

What a sweet comment from your Mom!!

Also I haven't been reading you that long so I really didn't realize you guys ran a B&B - I might just have to come visit one of these days! Can I do real cowgirl stuff if I come? I've always wanted to go on a cattle drive or herd sheep or something!

Aunt Crazy said...

awwww this is a great tribute to your mother and to the relationship you have with her!

GunDiva said...

Vinomom - we can talk your ear off about horses and cover you in horsey love, but we don't have anything to herd :( Of course, you can join us for the High Country Rendezvous in September.

Hop on over to to check out their B&B. Or click the High Country Rendezvous tab at the top of my page.